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Ice Fishing

The Glacial Lakes in South Dakota have been some of the best Walleye and Perch lakes in the country for many years.  The top two lakes that consistently produce quality fish in good numbers are Bitter Lake and Waubay Lake just miles from each other.    

Summer Fishing

Most kids spend the summers playing in the yard and working in the fields.  Shane Guy spent his younger days learning to fish and learning the lakes where he grew up.  There are few that know the lakes better than Shane.    Enjoy a guided day of fishing with Shane with everything you need.

When fishing or hunting in the area  stay at The Fish Crib in Waubay.  Clean, comfortable rooms. Package rates apply when you book a trip with Shane.   Tailored for the outdoorsmen with game cleaning station right at the facility.  

Call Shane 605-212-0259....To reserve your Fishing Trip...

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